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Have your best, most profitable year yet when you combine the marketing tactics of a solid SEO strategy and the sales tactics of an in-person sales model.

In this downloadable, on-demand video webinar, you will receive 2.5 hours of all things IPS! From how to set yourself apart from the all-inclusive photographers through product delivery and everything in between. The class covers how to be successful in IPS with:

Returning clients
New clients
Shooting for sales
Product recommendations
My pricing guide and favorite items
You will also receive access to an IPS Facebook Support group where I answer questions and help guide you through the IPS process.

Mastering SEO is a crucial step for any business. The world of online marketing can be a crazy, unclear mud puddle to try to navigate on your own, but it doesn’t have to be!

In this class, we will discuss Search Engine Optimization (SEO), why it matters, and how to get an edge in your market by improving your Google rank.

This is a downloadable product, and as such, all sales are final.

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